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Arbor Barber Tree Service
Contact Person: Rob Carson
Phone Barrie: (705) 721-6190
Phone Elmvale: (705) 322-4854
Phone Midland: (705) 526-3040
Phone Wasaga: (705) 429-4041
Fax: (705) 322-6238

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tree removalTree Removal
Let us handle the removal of any unwanted or hazardous trees that you find to be a nuisance to your property. It is important to address any decaying or dangerous trees/limbs before they become a safety concern and a danger to you or a loved one.
tree cablingTree Cabling and Bracing
Cabling involves installing steel cables between major limbs to reduce the strain and help support the tree. Tree Cabling prevents the tree from splitting.
tree trimmingTree Trimming
We provide tree trimming/pruning to promote new health and growth of your trees. We guarantee our tree service to be the best around.
hedge trimmingHedge Trimming
Hedge Trimming, we will clean up and beautify your home by side shaping, topping or thinning out your hedges.
stump grindingStump Grinding
We provide a stump grinding service to deal with those unsightly tree stumps.

bucket truckBucket Truck
Need to reach a high place. We can assist you with putting up banners or signs with our bucket truck service.
utility line clearingUtility Line Clearing
We are certified by EUSA (Electrical Utility Safety Association)